Kiosk-style, on-demand form printing directly from your MFP touch screen control panel.

Variable Data Forms Printing Made Easy

Creating, managing, and storing pre-printed forms can be a cumbersome task. Automating your business forms improves printing time, your corporate image, and reduces costs. The Kyocera developed MyForms application brings intelligent and flexible kiosk-style form creation to your HyPAS-enabled MFPs.

Creating a form using MyForms is a simple process. You can create forms in a number of ways – using scans of existing paper forms, or creating new forms in a program like Microsoft Word. The MyForms Studio software enables you to define the location of your data fields. These fields are linked directly to your database for information to be populated quickly and accurately – it’s true variable data printing from your MFP touch screen. Once your form is created, it is accessible from any of the MyForms enabled Kyocera MFPs on your network.

For added functionality, your business can integrate MyForms with Kyocera’s AccessLock and Card Authentication Solution for secure access to personalized forms. This integration can quickly and accurately merge MyForms’ pre-set templates with the database information linked to the user’s access card.

  • Customizable electronic forms accessible from your MFP
  • Perform variable data printing directly from the MFPs touch-panel
  • Integrates with ODBC compliant databases
  • Integrates with Active Directory using AccessLock
  • Helps control the cost associated with pre-printed forms
  • Brings kiosk-style forms creation to your MFP
  • Available for all HyPAS-enabled devices

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